Queens Of Botswana

Rock Music, Documentary, Roadtrip, Heavy Metal

The story of “QUEENS OF BOTSWANA” shows three very different women whose lives have been touched by their love for Heavy Metal, engaged by their involvement with the Marok – as the rock/metal scene call themselves – and infused with their need to be more. We follow them for a week on their way to a festival in Gaborone, but the show is not the main event.

Its all about Queen Ludo, Queen Florah and Queen Gloria. That’s what the women of the Marok are called – Queens. 

Director-Sarah Vianney

Director's Statement

With over 20 years’ of journalistic experience spanning music, radio, TV and film, storytelling is my forte. Having started out as a freelance writer and TV presenter, for shows such as Austria’s 60-minute music show Clipcorner and the culture/trends show Babylon shot on location in Los Angeles, I am first and foremost a bilingual journalist specializing as a producer/director for TV and documentaries.

My love of long format narrative began while working on documentaries on women’s rights and an in-depth look at Kurt Schuschnigg with my father, when I was 16. I have also written editorials, interviews and cover stories for newspapers and magazines all over the world. For a long time, I specialized in in-depth interviews with challenging people.

I love creating worlds through storytelling, all the various facets that a chosen colour world, a faster edit, a different shooting view point or a new format can bring.

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Part of the ethos of Women Of The Lens is to support the learning and progress of those wanting to make head-way into the industry of film, broadcast and digital media.


Meeting people in the flesh is an important part of developing knowledge, contacts, influence and longevity in any industry. 

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