Women of the lens film festival

2020 programme

Empowering through knowledge and celebration

For the first time our annual Festival was delivered online. Its success is such that it’s an element we’re gonna keep. 2020 brought unprecedented challenges to the industry across the board – without exception, and as a result many found alternative means to supplement their products with great results. What is it that ‘they‘ say about necessity and invention?!

As per usual, the calibre of productions submitted were incredible. They further cemented the importance of our platform as a means to showcase work that is overlooked. We can’t thank the filmmakers enough for submitting their work and we look forward to another programme later in 2021.

(image/design: @eshephoto   www.eshephoto.com)

A Siren’s Sorrow

10min | PG
Director: Chloe Gardiner

Aje Ijo Series: Immortal

14min | PG
Director: Kiana Harris

Backwards God

5min 57sec | PG
Director: Natalie Cook


98min | PG
Director: Amy Jephta

Boucle En Onde

70min | PG
Director: Elisa Cantelli


min | PG
Director: Dionne Walker


13min 20sec| PG
Director: Janet Marrett


15min | PG
Director: Gladys San Juan


5min 35sec | PG
Director: Noella Mingo


10min | PG
Director: Adekemi Roluga


15min | PG
Director: Gayatri Bajpai and Nirav Bhakta

Her & Her

12min 53sec | PG
Director: Jade Anouka

How Can I Forget

8min 26sec | PG
Director:  Natalia Andreadis

I Hate This Fkn Job

17min 30sec | PG
Director: Monique Lola Berkley

Love In Submission

18min 42sec | PG
Director: Lande Yoosuf

One Piece Of The Puzzle

10min 40sec | PG
Director: Rene Lorraine

Paralell, The Documentary

23min 59sec | PG
Director: Danielle Watkins

Peach Boy Hunting

4min 40sec | PG
Director: Nanako Senda

Pepper Soup

9min 58sec | PG
Director: Jeremiah Towolawi


7min 32sec | PG
Director: LaVarro Jones

Phase Two: The Group Chat

18min 8sec | PG
Director: Sarah Louise Dean

Promise Me

24min 47sec | PG
Director: Alison Duke

Queen Of Hearts

8min 23sec | PG
Director: Fay Guiffo, Victoria Jones and Akuc Bol

Women Of The Lens Laurel Leaf 2020

Queens Of Botswana

min | PG
Director: Sarah Vianney


15min | PG
Director: Aliza Brugger

Silent Screams

7min 40sec | 15
Director: Susana Sanchez Carballo

The Bush School

20min | PG
Director: Emanuela Zuccala

The Come Up

27min 32sec | PG
Director: E.J. NiBlack-Gray

The Interview

4min 12sec | PG
Director: Ayana Harper

The Linguist: A Stopmotion Fairy Tale

7min 50sec | PG
Director: Laura Lewis-Barr

The Moment

2min 46sec | PG
Director: Erli Ling

Women Of The Lens Laurel Leaf 2020

The New Mother

12min 22sec | PG
Director: Eleva Singleton

The Sacrifice

5min | PG
Director: Shona Dutta Charlton

We The People

34min 21sec | PG
Director: Virginia Nimarkoh and Fan Sissoko

Who’s Next?

3min 57sec | PG
Director: Amreen Ghouse

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Women Of The Lens was created to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women and women of colour. We’ll work with productions to change perceptions and practice.

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