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You can get in-depth experience through working with independent cinema, independent filmmakers and film festival production. This experience might also include those looking at careers in event management, online and digital marketing, event production and hospitality.

Some of the roles we’ve provided include Social Media Marketing Assistants and
Panel and Hospitality Hosts.

Other types of Team Members needed for an online events includes online event tech support and event facilities and social media support.

For more detail, email us: info@womenofthelens.com


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Why Choose Us

“…Showcasing new and diverse work has never been more important. Festivals tend to be where the work isn’t as censored. People can make bold political statements and be brave in their filmmaking…”

Lucy Rose Wilson-Green, director; The Sycamore Gap – 2018 programme

“…I wanted to focus on women in the film to challenge perceptions and stereotypes. I feel today as a society we are often categorised in a particular box and are moulded by the media to act or be a certain way. I wanted to make a film which breaks that mould and to challenge and make people think and to feel something and be taken on an emotional journey no matter what gender, race or background you are…”

Robert Bertrand, director; Morning Glory – 2017 programme

“…This project was crafted to bring light and love to the issue. It attempts to widen our concept of success and beauty. Women of colour have kept silent in the work place and at large, in fear of loosing jobs and opportunities. I hope that this project opens all of our minds to be more aware of the world around us and allow us to celebrate and appreciate different cultures as opposed to try to make them fit the majority…”

Jeffrey Emile, director; I Am The Black Woman – 2017 programme

Women Of The Lens

Dedicated to Black Women in the Film Industries

about Us

Women Of The Lens was created to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women and women of colour. We'll work with productions to change perceptions and practice.

It is run by Women of the Lens Film Festival CIC, a registered Company, number 13409100.

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