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Empowering through knowledge and celebration

The proposition

Women Of The Lens Film Festival is a growing platform dedicated to showcasing British black women first and foremost in the UK industries. We’re the first festival to focus on this demographic of the UK industry. We receive international attention from companies seeking British audiences and outlets. 

We’re a growing platform and we’re attracting experienced industry professionals who’re engaged in our events to network and share knowledge. Our uniquely curated content brings in independent productions with varied stories that many audiences wouldn’t ordinarily see and ordinary film-loving audiences engage consistently with our content. 

We’re proud to provide platform for independent filmmakers to gain access to industry professionals  and access to audiences who wouldn’t otherwise see their productions…audiences who’re keen to engage with images which are not run-of-the-mill.

we’re increasing our collaborations with other like-minded companies to widen participation and broaden our audience reach. 

The Festival presents unique events which showcases upcoming talents of the industry.

Our events provide great opportunities for brands to be associated with innovative content and engaged audiences.

Our aims and objectives are to:

  • Create industry partnerships that nurture talent and builds careers
  • Develop and widen audience participation
  • Highlight, celebrate and share achievement
  • Engage wider and local communities
  • Contribute to the wider discourse around race, diversity, industry and education
  • Positioning your brand alongside our platform provides opportunities to engage with influencers and focussed audiences who actively seek out platforms such as Women Of The Lens and know what they want in their live event experiences.

Let’s have a talk about how you could collaborate with us. All enquires in the first instance should be made to: info@womenofthelens.com

Why not introduce your products to discerning audiences. It’s a good opportunity for your brand be introduced to unique and influential audiences who will help to spread the message of your brand. There are various packages available. Get in touch to discuss your needs. Email: info@womenofthelens.com

Our debut delivered well-attended and engaged audiences for our panel discussions. They were industry specific and provided platform for film directors, producers, writers and other industry-professionals to engage with their peers and film-loving audiences eager for alternatives to their normal viewing experiences. Additionally, our specially curated themes tackled important, current affairs topics which were important to our audiences.

Happy filmmaking collaborators

Why Support Us

“…Showcasing new and diverse work has never been more important. Festivals tend to be where the work isn’t as censored. People can make bold political statements and be brave in their filmmaking…”

Lucy Rose Wilson-Green, director; The Sycamore Gap – 2018 programme

“…I wanted to focus on women in the film to challenge perceptions and stereotypes. I feel today as a society we are often categorised in a particular box and are moulded by the media to act or be a certain way. I wanted to make a film which breaks that mould and to challenge and make people think and to feel something and be taken on an emotional journey no matter what gender, race or background you are…”

Robert Bertrand, director; Morning Glory – 2017 programme

“…This project was crafted to bring light and love to the issue. It attempts to widen our concept of success and beauty. Women of colour have kept silent in the work place and at large, in fear of loosing jobs and opportunities. I hope that this project opens all of our minds to be more aware of the world around us and allow us to celebrate and appreciate different cultures as opposed to try to make them fit the majority…”

Jeffrey Emile, director; I Am The Black Woman – 2017 programme

Women Of The Lens

Dedicated to Black Women in the Film Industries

about Us

Women Of The Lens was created to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women and women of colour. We'll work with productions to change perceptions and practice.

It is run by Women of the Lens Film Festival CIC, a registered Company, number 13409100.

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