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2022 programme

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Women Of The Lens Film Festival

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Saturday 23rd April

Themes Of The Day

11.15am – Sankofa Women & Roll Call

2.50pm – The Future’s Here

4.20pm – Love Incommunicado

Saturday 30th April

Themes Of The day

10.30am – The Strength Of Acceptance

1pm – Documenting Justice

3.45pm – Advertising Race

Festival Highlights

image credit: eshephoto.com

Bukola Bakinson & Janet Marrett

Directors Bukola and Janet on a panel during the Documenting Justice Theme.

Ché Walker, Constance Dalrymple, Ria Said

Directors Ché and Ria, alongside Connie on the Sankofa Women/Roll Call panel.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Ché Walker

Ché and Phoebe at Rich Mix, London

Ria Said & Noella Mingo

Director Noella Mingo gives Director Ria Said a hug during an emotional moment at the Sankofa Women/Roll Call panel

Charlie Philips & Yvonne Connikie

Renowned photographer, Charlie Philips join the panel Sankofa Women/Roll Call with Director Yvonne Connikie. Charlie provided some of the vocals for Yvonne’s film, A Time For New Dreams. At the end of this panel, Charlie supplied us with a hearty sing-a-long to the traditional Jamaican song, ‘Hill-an’Gully’

Festival Guests

Festival Guests


Erica Miller

Director Erica speaks with Jennifer G. Robinson on the The Future’s Here panel. 

Jide Johnson & Jennifer G. Robinson

Aniboxx Director, Jide Johnson speak with Festival Director, Jennifer on the Advertising Race panel.

Ria Said & Guests

(left) Ria Said and guests.

Jide Johnson

Director Jide Johnson of Aniboxx Animations

Noella Mingo & Charlie Philips

Director of When I Was A Younger, Noella Mingo and Photographer Charlie Philips. 

Damien Daniel

DoP, Damien Daniel, worked on When I Was A Younger shot film which is directed by Noella Mingo. 

I am more than my hair women of the lens

I Am More Than My Hair

29min I PG

Director:  Alyscia Cunningham


1hr 29m 31s| 12
Director: Ché Walker

Satisfaction Poster


6m 47sec | 12
Director: Yvonne Sewankambo

No Comprendo

15m 52s | PG
Director: Bukola Bakinson

Blue Corridor 15

5m 26s | PG
Director: Dubheasa Lanipekun

What We Are

24m 50s | PG
Director: Fey Okege

Black Creative

57m | PG
Director: Meena Ayittey

For Worse

9m 57s | PG
Director: Grace Edu

When I

8m 34s | PG
Director: Elishah St Juste


5m 14s | PG
Director: Maria Moss

When I Was A Younger

8m 52s | PG
Director: Noella Mingo

Room Without A View

1hr 15m | PG
Director: Roser Corella


5m | PG
Director:  Ria Said

A Time For New Dreams

16m 34s | PG
Director: Yvonne June Connikie


1hr 21s | 12
Director: Thatiane Almeida 


14m 30s | PG
Director:  Janet Marrett


18m  | PG
Director: Erica Miller

Our Themes

This April, we’ll treat you to 7 Themes. They are Sankofa Women, Roll Call, The Future’s Here, Love Incommunicado, The Strength of Acceptance, Documenting Justice and Advertising Race. Have a look below to see which films are in each Theme. Enjoy!

Sankofa Women


In this Theme we will feature stories about migration, heritage, oral history and intergenerational legacy.

Date: Saturday 23rd April

Time: 11.15am – 2.30pm

Roll Call

Belonging, self-acceptance and resilience are brought to the fore through the eyes of children and young people in the Theme, Roll Call.

Date: Saturday 23rd April

Time: 11.15am – 2.30pm

The Future’s Here

The science fiction genre and its codes are played out in this Theme to explore what’s expected of us as women and how isolation can affect us

Date: Saturday 23rd April

Time: 2.50pm – 4.02pm

Love Incommunicado

Satisfaction Poster

Ahh…love. Do we communicate between each other to express what love means? Even as we get into relationships and time goes on, how well do we communicate some of the changes that we’re going through. Come and watch this Theme to get some questions answered.

Date: Saturday 23rd April

Time: 4.20pm – 5.36pm

The Strength of Acceptance

IAmMoreThanMyHair Women Of The Lens

This is a Theme featuring documentaries that delve deep into our perceptions of beauty and after such analysis, we arrive at self-acceptance despite those perceptions. This Theme also is a sweet note to the bonds that we make as women between each other.

Date: Saturday 30th April

Time: 10.30am – 12.40pm

Documenting Justice

IAmMoreThanMyHair Women Of The Lens

Injustices and the law are explored in this Theme as it tackles migratory workers, immigration and the judicial system.

Date: Saturday 30th April

Time: 1pm – 3.20pm

Advertising Race

Just how far has the UK advertising industry come in terms of diversity and repesentation within its ranks and by extension, the images we see in advertising. This Theme explores many questions with some probing answers.

Date: Saturday 30th April

Time: 3.45pm – 5.42pm

We’re very pleased that our 2022 event is supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network,  funded by the National Lottery. www.filmlondon.org.uk/filmhub

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