Themes – 2017


Bonds that Bind – Friday 24th November

Family comes with a lot of messages and emotions for us all. Bound by blood but not always by heart. In this Theme, we explore what these messages could mean as we try and navigate our way through our notions of duty, loyalty, and love with these insightful and conversation-making shorts.

Sugar And Spice And All Things Black Girl – Saturday 25th November

Girlhood as depicted through black children in film and the media is often fraught with representational issues. Often these representations are born as a result of historical atrocities and racial inequalities. It’s rare to see a black child carefree and unbound by race, gender, sex or issue-led dramas. This Theme will include a panel discussion about Black Girlhood and its representations in media and film. Featuring knowledgeable panelists, we’ll attempt to challenge some of these representations. Stay close to this and our social media platforms for updates about guest panellists.

Count On Me – Saturday 25th November

Those we’ve grown up with, those we’ve just met. Those who stay a lifetime, those who’re fair-weathered. Friendship is an important part of our socialisation. This Theme centres on our expectations of bonds which often supersede family ties.

The Trouble With Women – Saturday 25th November

What are the life experiences which mark women out as…’women’, the oftentimes binding gendered, constricted experiences ? These experiences sometimes mark women’s narratives out as issue-driven without taking into account the very real ramifications of societies which are patriarchy driven. The Trouble With Women Theme films offer first hand experiences.

Who Do You Think You Are?! Chapter One – Saturday 25th

Who Do You Think You Are?! Chapter Two – Sunday 26th November

Women Of The Lens was overwhelmed with productions concerning identity – so much so, we have two separate screenings (see tickets and programme). For women and other people categorised as ‘minorities’, the concept of identity is an ever present one. If the women are black or of colour this becomes exceptionally pertinent – if only because of the historical action of the stripping away of identity from one’s families, tradition, heritage and culture. We saw entries focussing on particular aspects of hair and skin colour (i.e. colourism) some of the films are challenging, others still are celebratory and accepting. Chapter One of this Theme will feature a panel discussion. Stay close to this and social media platforms for updates about guest panellists.

We’ve Been Here Before – Sunday 26th November

Migration and immigration are subject matters not far away from the top of any political or social discussion. Often the discussion takes the view that there is something inherently wrong, failing to understand that our human world is formed from the continued movement of people across the globe. We have healthy productions covering this important topic which seek to position our point of view with those described as ‘migrants’ and/or ‘immigrants’.

Free Form Artists – Sunday 26th November

We’re delighted with this Theme. It’s so good to see creative artists truly finding undifferentiated, boundary-free self-expression through dance, music, animation and craft.

Lost Civilisations – Sunday 26th November

This Theme channels the history and tradition surrounding civilisations of the past both physically and our romantic notions of tradition and culture. Our Theme also takes us on journeys to locations where civilisations come under threat and what that might mean to the wider society.

City-Scape Dramas – Sunday 26th November

What does life look like wrapped in the aura of an urban sprawl? Our screenings in this Theme are about relationships that are influenced by ‘the city’ and the peculiar human bonds cities bear. The city as a character features here too, as cities grow through the historical development of migration – physically and through the people who inhabit cities as they try to navigate their lives.

Self-Well, Self-Full, Well-Ness, Well-Being – Friday 24th November

Mental health is a subject which is still a taboo subject in society and one which is rarely discussed without fear and uncertainty. This attitude towards mental health often keeps people isolated, harbouring feelings that they are alone. This Theme is accompanied by a panel discussion which attempts to unpack our issues around our mental wellbeing. We will announce on this and social media platforms information about guest panellists.

Power In The Feminine – Saturday 25th November

Taking power in self and one’s sexuality is powerful and is a Theme Women Of The Lens runs throughout the Festival. These selection of films embody the feminine and take pleasure in desire, autonomy, choice and acceptance of self in whatever form self presents.

Tribute To A Classic Who Do You Think You Are Chapter One – Saturday 25th November

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