Influential Blog, The Mizz Adventures Of Chelsea Black, reviews a saucy little short film, Satisfaction. Directed by Yvonne Sewankambo, it tells the story of mis-communications of the bedroom type. Fun and joke aside, it also highlights the need for being unafraid to own our needs in all areas of our life. Start to read the insightful review below, then follow links for the rest!


Satisfaction Women Of The Lens Film Festival

“I previewed a short film called Satisfaction and, it was so my university dating life. From the cheap bed to the tight smile. So many similar conversations around sex and having to tip toe around people’s feelings. You have a guy Mark who thought he knew everything about his girlfriend Heather but, turns out he didn’t! Yeah…I’m not going to spoiler it for you but it’s definitely laugh out loud worthy.”

Satisfaction is part of our Love Incommunicdo Theme and will be screened on

Saturday 23rd April, at 4.20pm

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