Who’s Next?

Comedy, childhood games, religion, Muslim

The story revolves around a 12 year old girl Zaya who wants to be a superhero. Her definition of her superpowers are to wear flashy clothes, having a “pretend” cape, and to have red hair. She wants to save the world by eradicating “black masked people”. Her journey proceeds when she spots a person wearing a burqa and thinks that she is after her life. Having the first two “super powers” in her list, Zaya is determined that the only way she can defeat this person is by enabling her third superpower that is getting the red hair. Who’s Next is a sweet story about a girl who learns about identity, perceptions and not to judge a book by it’s cover.

Director-Amreen Ghouse

Cast & Crew Members

Zaya Wylde, Neeky Dlair, Think Brown Media

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