When I

Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, sci-fi

Run Time: 8m 34s


‘When I…get that promotion at work’.  ‘When I…lose 7 pounds’.  ‘When I…build up my savings’.

Adara has constantly put things off, and in a blink of an eye, time passes a lot faster than she expected.

Thinking it’s too late, to do all the things she saw in her future, Adara is offered the opportunity to be free of regret. However, it comes with a very high risk.  Could this wake up call, still be on time?

Elishah St Juste, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

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Elishah St Juste, director, writer, producer, cast; Joshmaine Joseph, cast; Sarah Feltham, cast; Tonia Daley-Campbell, cast.

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Director's Statement

The initial inspiration behind the storyline of ‘When I…’; was triggered by the worldwide stand still due to covid-19.  Most people’s plans were halted. So many had vowed that 2020, was the year that they were going to do all the things they had been putting off.  This situation, coupled with my own personal experiences, formed the basis of this piece. 

I have spent the majority of the last 10 years, focused on work.  Which had me spending long periods of time in a different city, and even different countries.  I decided to focus on my career and ‘when I…’ made a certain amount of money, got to a specific body size, and was living in a particular place; I would then put some energy into my love life.  I felt I could only focus on one at a time; career or love life. So, the events of last year was like a wake up call for me.  I can no longer put the things that are important to me, on hold. I do believe there is a time for everything, but I also think we have a part to play.  As the previous 18 months have shown; we may wait too long, and then the option is no longer there.

Through this film, I hope to encourage others to stop putting off until tomorrow, what can be done today!

Despite the obstacles of filming during such a different and difficult time; I was still able to realise most of the original vision, in my directing debut.  Adaptations had to be made to account for new guidelines; but this experience has developed new skills and increased the cast and crew’s resilience.

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