The Sacrifice

LGBT, human rights, child marriage (scene of animal slaughter)

Arri Trinity Challenge 2020 short film. Shot in one single take, the film follows a 13 year old Bangla girl from East London escaping a forced marriage with the help of her girlfriend.

Director-Shona Dutta Charlton

Cast & Crew Members

Zara Aslam, Alicia Simai-Kral, J.P.Boriau, Laurie Waplington (set design), Mark Levien (Sound), Pascale Neuschafer (DOP), Ria Bella, Melissa Suppiah, Ruchika Jain, Ambika Mod,

Director's Statement

An Indian-born Director of Short Films, documentaries and promos, Shona has 20 years experience in broadcast TV, including working for Discovery Networks International and BBC. She has produced and directed many documentaries on Human rights, Tribal Survival, Trans issues and the Environment.

Shona is now writing and directing fiction shorts and super 8 films. 

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