Peach Boy Hunting

Animation, Fairytale, Cultural 

A short animation inspired by Japanese old fables, which depicts liberation from gender responsibilities.

Director-Nanako Senda

Cast & Crew Members

Noriyuki Sato & Makiko Sato; music. York Okabe; Illustration Assistant. Nanako Senda, animation

Director's Statement

I am a Japanese filmmaker and visual storyteller who is now based in New York City.
I have been working on independent short films since 2009.

I love writing a story and visualizing it through moving images. My work includes narrative drama, animation, music video, and documentary.

Women Of The Lens

Experience variety

about Us

Our launch theme was titled ‘Can She Get Her Sexy Back?!’, held at the Curzon Goldsmiths. Our live event continued over three days at The Cinema Museum. 

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