Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, experimental, mixed-media

Run Time: 5m 


An experimental film that follows a young immigrant woman’s reveries and memories as she tries to go back to her past to escape her present.

Ria Said, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

Satisfaction Poster

Ria Said, director, producer, cast.

Satisfaction Poster

Director's Statement

Ria Said is a 21 year old filmmaker, musician, creative director and multidisciplanry artist currently based in England.

Ria received her bachelors in film production from university for the creative arts (UCA ‘21).

During her final year, Ria undertook two individual projects, Selcan is the first. Named after a special place from her childhood, the short experimental fashion film follows the filmmaker as she tries to escape her reality by going back to her past. Costuming as people thousands of times stronger than her.

The idea changed and morphed as time went on, when starting first year, this is not what she expected to be making.

Selcan is a lot about dealing with sadness but out of it, Ria has made something joyful.

Satisfaction Women Of The Lens Film Festival

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