Room Without A View

Rating: PG
Genre: Documentary, women, human rights

Run Time: 1hr 15m


A thought-provoking gaze of the exploitative working conditions experienced by migrant domestic workers hired under the Kafala system in Lebanon. By combining a multitude of perspectives, the film offers intimate insights into the private lives of employers, agents and maids. Exposing modern forms of slavery, it also reflects on the role of women and domestic work at large in capitalist societies.

Roser Corella, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

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Roser Corella, director; Florian Kläger, producer.

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Director's Statement

Roser Corella (Barcelona, 1978) is an Independent Documentary Filmmaker currently based in Berlin. Roser began her career as video-journalist for the Catalan TV, but her interest in human stories behind global issues moved her to start self- producing and developing a personal vision within the documentary field. Her work has been shown worldwide, winning numerous awards. Her fascination for the documentary genre has led her to travel the world in search of stories that deserve to be told. Not only to witness but to challenge and raise critical questions about contemporary societies.

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