Queen of hearts

Fantasy, Music

In this music film inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice seeks refuge in nature after being rejected by her peers and is entranced by the Red Queen. But once the Queen’s prized prisoner escapes Alice is confronted with the reality of this mystical world.

Directors-Fay Guiffo, Victoria Jones

Cast & Crew Members

Acting Director: Akuc Bol. Editors: Duncan Formosa, Anna Burns. Main cast: Ellinor Larsson (Alice), Fay Guiffo (The Red Queen/Faye). Writers/Producers/Composers, Fay Guiffo and Victoria Jones.

Director's Statement

Queen of Hearts, les cordes écarlates is a short film inspired by Alices Adventures in Wonderland. It reflects upon womanhood, and the obstacles that an insecure young girl has to overcome in order to find her own truth. From a broader perspective, the essence of the project itself encourages each one of us to question the notions of beauty, empowerment, and self-acceptance. Thus, we believe that this work has a transformative function not only for us individually, but also for the audience and every person involved in the project. The cast and crew is composed of people with different art practice backgrounds (filmmakers, choreographers, actors, dancers, artists) as well as people coming from different countries (U.S.A, England, Scotland, Cyprus, France, Wales, Peru, South Sudan etc). As women of ethnic backgrounds, we value the wealth that such a multicultural community can bring to the Art industry.

Fay Guiffo is a multidisciplinary artist from France, living in Glasgow. For several years, she has developed her skills as a musician and movement performer. With a passion for collaborating with artists from different backgrounds, she regularly takes part in multidisciplinary projects including dance, drama and storytelling.

Victoria Jones is a filmmaker currently living in Washington DC and a recent college graduate from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. There she completed a 3-year undergraduate Digital Film and Television course, specialising in production and writing. She wants to create original work as well as uplift the community of creators around her.

This production was at times very challenging but we have all grown in the best way. We both are extremely grateful to create a strong and meaningful piece that reflects a part of our own personal journeys in finding ourselves in the midst of our imaginative minds.


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