Phase Two-Episode Four: The Group Chat

Webseries, Social Media, Friendship

Life can really get in the way and stop you from seeing your friends as often as you’d like – but hey, thank God for group chats.

Director-Sarah Louise Dean

Cast & Crew Members

Danielle Briscoe, Jen Francis, Satema Tarawally, Chris Bernard, Steven Michael-O'hara, Shereen Dixon, Tomi Sunmonu, Siannae Anderson,

Director's Statement

Always fascinated by people, after completing a degree in Psychology Sarah Louise moved into the media, producing digital content with a film focus for the BBC, Ogilvy and The Guardian.

 While working for the writer-director of Brit indie movie Papadopoulos & Sons, Sarah Louise realised that she wanted not only to write about film, but to write and direct her own work, with a female focus.

She set to work: producing the podcast ‘Beyond Bechdel’, covering the role of women in film & TV, publishing a novel (Doll’s House) about a fictional incel cult and developing it and other scripts as features. In 2019 she completed her writer-directorial debut with the short “In a Hole”. 

 After being blown away by a performance of Ethan’s Bell, Sarah Louise started working with Sassy Jam on Phase 2, knowing how important a project it would be, showcasing the work and lives of talented women of colour.

 Sarah Louise starts filming her next short – “Time of the Month” about a time-travelling friendship – with an all-female cast and crew in 2021. 

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