Pepper Soup

Drama, Sci-Fi, Faith-Based.

Rachel and her husband Tosin have been trying for a child for years. Although they haven’t managed to have a child of their own they have managed to keep the faith. But then, Rachel has a miscarriage and begins struggling with her faith and her marriage. Rather than confiding in each other, Rachel and Tosin turn to technology and begin searching for a way forward from this traumatic event.

Director-Jeremiah Towolawi

Cast & Crew Members

Peace Oseyenum, Chiedu Agborh, Yinka Awoni

Director's Statement

I’m a British-Nigerian writer-director, I have been engaged in making short films for the last few years, so far I have produced a dramas and comedies.

I am interested in making films that teach me as I write and direct them and inform you when you watch them. So when I had the opportunity to write a story that was so heavy and sensitive I took it with both hands. In my personal experience, working on maternity wards I have witnessed the ups and downs that come with trying to bring forth a life. 

I love to watch and study others and observe them; how they speak, how they think and how they live. When writing and directing I get the honour of being able to pull from that and create my own people with their own ways of being and existing.

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