Parallel The Documentary

Director: B. Danielle Watkins



History, Heritage.

Filmmaker and Author B. Danielle Watkins chronicles being the only African-American filmmaker in the inaugural lesbian only film festival Cinema Systers Film Festival in Paducah, Kentucky.

Danielle simultaneously stayed at the historic Hotel Metropolitan that was built to house the likes of Louis Armstrong and Moms Mabley so that they could have a place of comfort in a racially motivated climate.

Exploring the historic importance of the festival as well as the hotel, B. Danielle Watkins finds herself emotionally torn between being celebrated and the history of being shunned.

Director's Statement

This film was definitely what I will call divine intervention, especially looking back on it now.  I have since been in, and attended every single Cinema Systers Film Festival since its inception in 2016.

Being the first and only African-American filmmaker to be in this groundbreaking film festival gave me a sense of pride that has followed me as I’ve progressed in my career.

I want to always ensure that little brown girls see my body of work and realize they can do anything if they put their minds to it, that is why this film is so important.

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