Love In Submission


A short film that follows two different Muslim women meeting each other for the first time, when their worlds collide through a mutual third party.

Director-Lande Yoosuf

Cast & Crew Members

Kianne Muschett, Antu Yacob, Cirenia Reyes, Munirah Bishop, Adrian Luke Sinclair Tara Gadomski

Director's Statement

Lande is a filmmaker who’s short film entitled “Privilege Unhinged” has screened at festivals such as the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, DC Black Film Festival and the Big Apple Film Festival. It is now airing on the television channel Shorts TV.

She wrapped her festival run for her second film “Second Generational Wedding” and is now developing the feature version of the script. Lande’s projects cover themes of media influence, sociology, gender and race relations, pop culture, women’s empowerment and self image. Lande also has over 10 years of experience casting at networks such as MTV, NBC, WEtv, truTV and Bravo to name a few.

Ultimately, Lande hopes to contribute to increased control, ownership, and management of media for content creators of African descent across all available content platforms. She is also the co-founder of a grassroots collective for Black filmmakers known as Black Film Space. Lande graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in Television and a minor in marketing. She resides in the Brooklyn, New York.

Women Of The Lens

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Part of the ethos of Women Of The Lens is to support the learning and progress of those wanting to make head-way into the industry of film, broadcast and digital media.


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