I hate this fkn job

Comedy, Drama, Motivational, Socially Conscious

Young, driven and professional, Naima Ali is the only woman of color in her office. On the surface seemingly no issues but once peeled back the pages of her employer, Winning Magazine, we get to see why Naima feels the way she does. Naima’s coworkers might not deal with issues the way she does, however, we question are they as happy with their jobs as portrayed.

Director-Monique Lola Berkley

Cast & Crew Members

Sirena La Porte, Jonny Weber

Director's Statement

As a first time filmmaker I am looking forward to sharing my stories and hope to remain committed to telling honest, conscious yet healing narratives of the human experience.

Born and raised in the community of Harlem, New York by a single parent, Monique understood from childhood that if anything was worthwhile in this life it will require commitment, passion, sometimes loneliness and consistency.

Monique won a scholarship to the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute after having auditioned in a city-wide search for talent currently living within the NYCHA and showcasing the ability to command presence on the platform of a stage while incorporating vocal strength and a knack for using the imagination. Always dreaming of an acting career, she worked in a number of offices throughout the years. The day job paid the bills, however, it was the evening of rehearsals and auditions that kept a fire burning in this young woman’s eyes. All along hoping for the chance to be “discovered”.

Not one to sit still for long and dissatisfied with the slow pace of relatable material, Monique auditioned and earned a spot within Marymount Manhattan College’s esteemed Theater Program. Elevating her stage experience with classical training and performance skills and even crewing enabled a continued development and growth for a career as a performer. After graduation and participating in more Off-Off Broadway and Off Broadway productions the only gradual progression was to begin working in film.

As an actress and producer on a number of indie film projects, Monique’s interest in filmmaking began to formulate into ideas and stories familiar to Monique’s heart and life’s experiences. Thus she began to write and discovered she enjoyed telling stories offering healing yet motivating and overall what she deems as the truth. Discovering the ability to tell stories and then film them has opened up a newfound and highly respected love for the art of storytelling. Relating from the soul of an actor, mind of a writer and now spirited new director has introduced Monique to a world of opportunity while creatively growing.

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