I Am More Than My Hair

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I am more than my hair women of the lens

From the time we are young, girls are pressured into a set belief of beauty standards. Hair is certainly high on the list and is often labeled as our “crown and glory.”  Where does this notion fit for women with alopecia (the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows)?

“I Am More Than My Hair”, is a companion piece to the newly released book, of the same title. The documentary-style film features interviews with women who’ve experienced hair loss, due to a health-related condition and their journey of self-empowerment to see beauty beyond.

Alyscia Cunningham, Director

Cast & Crew 

I am more than my hair women of the lens

Tiffany Lewis, Editor & Motionographer; Alyscia Cunningham, Director, producer cinematographer.

I am more than my hair women of the lens

Director's Statement

Alyscia Cunningham is an entrepreneur, author, filmmaker and photographer who has contributed to the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and AOL Her work focuses on changing the dialogue around beauty standards for women through documentary film and unaltered photography. Through her lens, Alyscia captures and celebrates raw beauty, as she believes the media not only does a good job of focusing on our insecurities but also profiting from it.

After the success of her first book, “Feminine Transitions”, a photography book encompassed with portraits of raw feminine beauty, Cunningham published her most recent project, “I Am More Than My Hair”. It is a documentary film and photography book that brings awareness to female hair loss (alopecia) and includes interviews of females who’ve experienced it.

Alyscia is on the board of the social enterprise upstart, Reel Families for Change (RFC), and also one of the FrontLine Voices for Stop the Beauty Madness, a campaign focused on changing the dynamics of beauty globally. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Fox 5, ABC 7 and Proud2BMe. To learn more about Alyscia and her work, visit Alyscia.com.

IAmMoreThanMyHair Women Of The Lens
IAmMoreThanMyHair Women Of The Lens
IAmMoreThanMyHair Women Of The Lens

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