How Can I Forget

Drama, comedy, romance, superpowers

Joe and Connie’s awkward blind date takes an interesting turn when they discover that they share the same magical ability.

Director-Natalia Andreadis

Cast & Crew Members

Clement Fernandes, Jessica Benhamou, Richard F. Russell, Genesis Lynea, David O'Mahony, Shaun Cowlishaw, Devika Joshi

Director's Statement

How Can I Forget is a fantastical romance about acceptance – accepting one’s self, accepting adventure and accepting the inevitable.

We were overjoyed when our script for “How Can I Forget” was selected out of hundreds for the Arri ALEXA prize. Arri sponsored all the camera and lighting equipment for the shoot – however – we only had access to it for two days, and I was 7 months pregnant at the time!

Our wonderful cast and crew hit the ground running, and I’m very proud to be able to present the completed film, and also announce the arrival of a gorgeous baby boy.

A Masters graduate from the Sorbonne in Paris, Natalia first worked in post-production for 6 years. Her directorial short film debut, “Without”, entered festival markets in 2010, winning multiple awards. It was picked up for distribution, screening in over 150 cinemas. In 2011, Natalia was chosen to be a collaborating director on Ridley Scott’s “Life in a Day”, and her short film “A Doll’s Life” won several awards in 2012. She currently directs commercials, while developing her first feature film.

In 2019, Natalia won the Arri ALEXA Challenge with her short script “How Can I Forget”. The film hit the festival circuit in Summer 2020 and has already screened at over a dozen festivals including BAFTA and Oscar-qualifiers.

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