Her & Her


Romance, Poetry, Music, Beatboxing, LGBTQ, Queer

Her & Her have been seeing each other for a few months now and are both very much in love. But they have just moved in to Her small one bedroom flat and of course she’s brought the dog! Suddenly Her home is their home and the realities of their differences come to full view. Different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, rules. One uses poetry and the other music to tell their stories. Both British. Both women. One black. One white.

We follow them on their journey seeing just how their differences can compliment each other, what challenges they will need to overcome and how honest conversation and carefree dancing will always win in the end.
Part Poetry video. Part music video. This experimental short film is a lyrical and musical story told using poetry and beatboxing.

Director-Jade Anouka

Director's Statement

This is her first foray into directing. Filmed during lockdown and entirely on an iPhone 11 using Filmic pro. This filmed was made possible by a commission from the BBC Culture In Quarantine.

Cast and Crew

Jade Anouka  

Grace Savage

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Women Of The Lens was created to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women and women of colour. We’ll work with productions to change perceptions and practice.

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