Animation, Mixed-Media, Monologue

Fragments is a short film which documents a young girl’s journey to understanding her biracial identity, broken home and the effects this has on her.

Director-Adekemi Roluga

Director's Statement

Fragments was created due to my experiences growing up being the only mixed child in both my white British and Nigerian families. Growing up as a mixed person in a separated family is a hard thing. As you grow up thinking one way because you were never told any differently.

Throughout my life, I have always been interested in the duality of identity and culture. Especially, due to the way mixed people and I have often split ourselves into different people to fit into both cultures. As I could never be one whole person in the world, I always broke myself apart.

This film was created to introduce audiences to a marginalised group in film, who aren’t considered as one. There is a hope that this film could inspire others to understand that no matter who doesn’t accept you, there is a place for people like us who don’t fit in.

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