Drama, Friendship, Loneliness, Teenagers

A young girl is at home on her own, all the time. Lonely and afraid, she taps out her feelings on an old typewriter. One night, she turns her writing into a paper plane that escapes through an open window and helps her find a friend.

Director-Noella Mingo

Cast & Crew Members

Tahlia Leo-Kelly, Lulu Leo-Kelly, Bernard Kelly, Matt Robinson, Joe Dworniak, Damian Paul Daniel, Ava Mingo-Daniel

Director's Statement

As the mother of a teenage girl, I am very aware of how difficult life can be for today’s teens. The constant barrage of information on social media about how they should look or feel or act can take its toll often leaving them feeling alone and afraid, even when surrounded by others. With Forgotten I wanted to show that loneliness, whether Bella and Rose really are alone or just feel alone, we don’t know but either way, it only takes one act of kindness to change everything. Everybody needs someone they can talk to.
Noella Mingo has been involved in the creative industry for twenty years. As a stylist she’s worked on feature films, shorts, TV shows and commercials. She has penned articles for The Guardian newspaper, regularly contributed to Pride and Vivid magazines, and has written scripts for three short films. The most recent, elephant is currently on the festival circuit. Forgotten is Noella’s directorial debut.

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