Rating: 12
Genre: Sci-Fi, drama, psychological

Run Time: 18m 


The CSORO project was designed to place celebrated scientists in advanced bases on other planets. Proxima-b went live with an advanced AI helping to run the day to day functions, two years later it stopped communicating.

Erica Miller, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

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Johnny Blanchard, writer, producer; Elizabeth webster, nancy Baldwin, Eva Fontaine, keith hill, catherine harvey, nadia shash, cast.

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Director's Statement

The recent global events have shown that Directors can’t just rely on theatre but need to look to film as well. My goal is to find the common ground between the two.

Born in Ann Arbor USA, Erica is a half African-American, Half German UK national Theatre Director who recently moved to film as part of Roguegunners Productions. She is keen to make inclusive projects featuring strong female and minority characters.

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Part of the ethos of Women Of The Lens is to support the learning and progress of those wanting to make head-way into the industry of film, broadcast and digital media.


Meeting people in the flesh is an important part of developing knowledge, contacts, influence and longevity in any industry. 

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