Boucle En Onde

Documentary, Women’s Issues, Activism, Radio

BoucleEnOnde is a journey through the female world of the Boucle du Mouhoun in Burkina Faso. Music and words from Radio Fréquence Espoir trace a portrait of women and their world, steeped in traditions but with the desire to look ahead.
Irene and Abdoul work at Radio Fréquence Espoir and carry on a shared project: to contribute to the development of their people through a participatory communication strategy.
Irene addresses the issue of the female condition, her objectives: to facilitate women’s access to information, training and communication to acquire knowledge and autonomy.
Abdoul is the youngest on the radio, his activities are aimed at Peulhs breeders, his ethnicity, among the most resistant to changes; women are those who suffer most from this condition.
In a land that suffers from structural poverty, a condition not only due to a resources issue but also to a question of cultural deficiencies, theirs is a model of resistance, of building an ideal world, where information becomes the access key to development, while the news reports tell a complicated reality made up of conflicts outside the country.

Director-Elisa Cantelli

Cast & Crew Members

Mauro Calanca, ABDOUL SALAM DIALLO, Mauro Vicentini, IRENE TRAORE

Director's Statement

After my encounter with the radio I was forced to rethink the value of information, in its most essential sense. I was struck by how powerful communication is in this country, how knowledge becomes a collective growth and how successful is Radio Fréquence Espoir ‘s proposal.
Irene is a woman of great strength who can gently, but with patience and determination, enter in that resistant space made of gangrenous ideas, always handed down as a legacy.
Abdoul represents the future, personally participating in a change.

The documentary is set between 2012/2013, a period when Burkina Faso was considered a young nation and a unique example of peaceful coexistence between different cultures in the entire continent history. Shortly thereafter, a period of great changes began for the country until the recent events that subvert it. I have chosen to end the film before this moment: Radio Fréquence Espoir remains for me a symbol of hope, proposals and solutions.
Graduated in 2004 in Documentary Cinematography at the DAMS of Bologna. She starts her experience in 1999, before as script and assistant director and then as editor. In 2005 he moved to Rome in 2005 where she works in several production of documentary, television, video clips…
Beside the film editing she occasionally continues to collaborate at the development of projects and she makes reportage with a small crew.
Since 2013, after the birth of her first son, she moved to Florence always maintaining ties with Rome.

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