Blue Corridor 15

Rating: 12
Genre: Drama

Run Time: 5m 26s


After her family falls on hard times, Elizabeth starts styling her classmates’ hair at break time to earn money. As the wider world bleeds into their understanding of their place within it, classroom politics and tensions come to a head in a teenage friendship close to sisterhood that starts to show cracks. Friends Tobi, Nana and Elizabeth reckon with lessons they teach each other, as they seek to understand themselves. A sensitive and intimate portrait of South London girlhood, and how beauty culture as well as race and gender politics get discussed in chaotic adolescence. This project was made in 2020 as part of New Creatives.

Dubheasa Lanipekun, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

Satisfaction Poster

Tristan Chenais, DoP; John Alexander Lowe, colourist; Lex Amor, music; Dubheasa Lanipekun, director, writer; Tobi Kyeremateng & Ias Balaskas, producers

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