Rating: 12
Genre: Documentary, social issues, women, friendships, Latino

Run Time: 1hr 21m 48s


This film is about women who had troubled emotional relationships, but who still show deep affection for other people and for life. This is what connects the stories of Anair, Nega, Cenira, Janaina, and Márcia, but also the fact that they all live in the Jabaquara district, on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo.

Different stories about abandonment, loneliness, and violence are the starting point to delve into the characters and their intimate and complex worlds.

These women revisit past traumas and relationships, but also the good fruits of the present and their plans for the future. Their lightheartedness and good spirits in dealing with daily life events counteract their personal dramas.

The film depicts social issues, but especially how these characters deal with emotions and feelings such as acceptance, self-love, and freedom.


Thatiane Almeida, Director

YvonneSewankambo Satisfaction dir

Cast & Crew

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Caroline Margoni, writer; Sebastião Braga, producer; , Ricado Vidal, producer; Maria Navarro, DoP; Joao Iglesias, editor; Karen Suzane Silva & Wellington Santos Silva, Production sound; Cenira Barboza, Janaina Saraiva, Maria Anai dos Santos, Maria Apaarecida Falcao, Marcia Cristina Amarai, cast.

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Director's Statement

Thatiane Almeida is a film director, born and raised in the Brasilândia district, on the outskirts of São Paulo. At 25 years old, the director offers a fresh and groundbreaking take on filmmaking. Frequent themes on Thatiane’s works are gender, sexuality, race, and social class. She sees the audiovisual industry as an art form able not only to entertain, but also to make people think about the kind of society we want and live in. She directed the documentary feature Anastácias and the fiction short film O Novo Normal.

In advertising, she directed campaigns for brands such as Bradesco, Samsung, Facebook, and Avon. In addition, she directed music videos for artists like Drik Barbosa, Glória Groove, Karol Conká, Tila, Anais Sylla, and the band Pitaias.

Thatiane started her career as an assistant director. In that role, she worked with artists like Elza Soares, Xênia França, Emicida, Luiza Sonza, and Linn da Quebrada. She was also part of the executive production team for the film Prisioneiro da Liberdade (director: Jeferson De).

She founded Vênus Filmes, a collective of women who came together to seek visibility and empowerment in the audiovisual industry. Working with this collective, Thatiane was in charge of producing music videos and documentaries, as well as organizing several events and lectures.

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