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The premier platform for UK black women in film delivers a packed programme of film between 16th November and 14th December 2020.    

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Another easy-on-the-eye actress chipping away at image conformity in media is Wunmi Mosaku. Leaving behind (for now…maybe) her stellar performance in Lovecraft Country, Wunmi stars in new Netflix horror, His House. The story centres a Sudanese couple seeking asylum in the UK. They’re given a council flat on a forlorn housing estate to live in, but discover that they may not be the only residents in the bleak accommodation. 

(image credit: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix 2020) 

A new and worthy industry mention is The Lavi Show. The online talk-show in this episode interviews Producer, Writer Yemi Oyefuwa to discuss working as a black person in the television industry. Some good industry insights in a popping start to the series! Click below for the episode. 

The stunning Jodie Turner-Smith will play the iconinc Queen, Anne Boleyn in a Channel5-backed television series due 2021.

Formerly seen  as a ride-or-die chick in Queen & Slim, Tuner-Smith will play the Queen Of England who was the second wife of one of its most famous monarchs, King Henry VIII.

It is significant that Jodie as a black woman will assume a role almost always played by her white counterpart. Already sections of the public online and off, are seeminly loosing their corn-fed minds!


(image credit: Gregg Deguire Getty Images)

Great news! Professional network The-Dots has included Laurelle Jones our 2017-2019 Festival Coordinator, in their ‘100 Black rising stars inspiring change’ listing.

Laurelle is a Director, Writer and Producer and her most latest work includes a webseries titled Hidden Secrets.

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