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Women Of The Lens Laurel Leaf 2020

Women Of The Lens Film Festival Returns!

The premier platform for UK black women in film comes back in November 2020 with an online festival. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram: @womenofthelens

We’re using the hashtag: #firebrandwomen        Stay close for news and updates.

Open Call For Submissions

Opening from 29th July to close on 30th September, we welcome productions of all genres. Filmmakers/productions, you can submit via Filmfreeway.

Be sure to read submission guidelines before your entry. We look forward to hearing from you.

News and Commentary

The BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing competition reopens, calling for submissions for film, television drama, children’s media and television comedy scripts. Should you be successful in being selected, some of the rewards includes having your work read by an industry professional, feedback and advice. Applications deadline is 10th September. Clicke here for more details.

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie collaborates with Creative Access to provide internships and training programmes specifically for so-called ‘BAME’ (we’ll get on to that terminology shortly) applicants as a number of organisations scrabble around trying to ‘fix’ their ‘diversity’ challenges. We’ve always maintained however, that what’s required are properly paid roles for existing indsutry talent. We’ve had training schemes before, so clearly no end upon end of ‘training initiatives’ really isn’t cutting it. One of our avid supporters summerises it best. Read Karen Martins’ heart-felt comments below.

Cinema has suffered deeply since the pandemic and the resulting lockdown. Many films have delayed release dates and more still will go straight to vod. But as we suspected, cinema and film as a storytelling part of culture isn’t going anywhere and to that end, it adapts. Enter an organisation called Oma Cinema (omacinema.com). They design theatres and the ones they’re coming up with now look like they’ve been inspired by a scene from Star Wars. They have designed pods that take social distancing to a whole new level. Take a look for yourself. 

Have a look if you will at the (now deleted) tweet from Vampire Diaries author Julie Plec. Evidence as to why she might think that black women could take on additional burdens of the world comes in the form of her writing of the character ‘Bonnie Bennett’. For those who haven’t watched, ‘Bonnie’ performs the role of the stereotypical ‘magical negro’, giving up herself time and again as sacrifice for her white pals. These are the types of roles and repesenatations of black women we will always rile against. 

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