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Black women are dipping further

…into the hallowed ground of historical dramas.

We’re all geared up for Jodie Turner-Smith’s romp as Queen Anne Boleyn, but to get us in the mood, television production heavy-weight, Shonda Rhimes, delivers one of the first shows from her Netflix contract in the form of Bridgerton.

From the trailer, it’s a show that promises opulent costumes, stiff breeches and oodles of complicated, romatic affairs. Bring on those heaving bosoms now! Oh alright, we have to wait till December.

(image credit: Netflix)

Interview Update

Deborah Findlater who we interviewed as a film studies student a little while back updated us with her career. Deborah says; “…I just graduated January this year so of course a difficult time to adjust to life outside of uni! However have been mainly working as an artist.
Had a solo exhibition end of last year with a video installation work with Sacred Space. My short film Small Axes was a part of this programme for London Short Film Festival back in January too…”

Read our interview with Deborah: Diverse Recruitment: Can Film Education Improve?

Film director Amma Asante makes history by directing a James Bond advert.

We’re so looking forward to seeing Lashana Lynch bearing the 007 monocle (if only for a little while), though the film, No Time To Die, has not yet been released (due to Covid19 and lockdown implications).

We’re gonna have to make do with the advert for Nokia mobile phones for now.

Lashana is not the first black woman to be featured in this type of merchandising, Naomie Harris (as Miss Moneypenny) takes that spot. But, Amma Asante is the first woman linked to a Bond production in this way.

News just in: No Time To Die has been issued with a later UK release date in April 2021.

(image MGM)

Click the image to watch the commercial.

One of the reasons this platform exists is to showcase and show off under represented  women who get limited, if any form of exposure. What Nina Simone experienced should not happen again.

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You don’t have to be a black woman to engage with us. We look forward to linking with you. Whomever you are, you do have to be invested in making changes that repairs the career chances and images of black women. Simples. 


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