Life In My Shoe is a short film written and directed by Wimana Beatrice, a young refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Beatrice was featured in NeeNee Productions 2016 film Sauti (Voice).
Wimana Beatrice is a young journalist and Congolese refugee who grew up in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Beatrice finished secondary school and then completed a journalism training certificate through CineLab Akademie and the Refugee Youth Voices project. Beatrice’s story was featured in the award-winning documentary ‘Sauti.’ She was resettled to the United States from Kyangwali in 2019. She lives with her husband and 1-year old daughter and continues to work to improve her community. Life in My Shoe is Beatrice’s first film.
We caught up with Wimana ahead of the screening of her film.
Women Of The Lens (WOTL): What inspires you to get up in the mornings?
Wimana Beatrice: Wanting to be a better person and self-reliant; providing the needs of my family through hard work always inspires me to wake up in the mornings.
WOTL: Why are film festivals important to you?
WB: Film festivals show off different life stories around the world which inspires me in my life and makes me strong. Film festivals act as educational purposes to me because I get to see and lean different ways on how films are made from stories and relate it to life situations around the world. 

Director Wimana Beatrice

WOTL: List three things that you think would improve the film industry for independent filmmakers?

WB: Speaking from the perspective of a recently resettled refugee filmmaker, people should be provided with cameras to enable them to get footage for different stories around the world. Filmmakers should be provided with laptops to enable them to edit the footage. They should be engaged in film training, film screenings and having conversations with mentors, film industry specialists and consultants.

Life In My Shoe is part of the Movement Of Identity film Theme. It’ll be screened alongside other films of similar themes on Saturday 30th November from 4pm

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