Grab top 5 tips for successful festival attendance from

Producer, Laurelle Jones! 

It can feel like a monumental minefield trying to navigate meeting and engaging with people at events – and film festivals are no exception. Producer, Laurelle Jones helps you with some hot tips to get the most out of your attendance. Have a read below.

Laurelle has been our Festival’s Coordinator since our debut, 2017.

1. Go with an open mind

These environments can sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you attend a festival with an open mind, being open to learning new things, you can come away with ways to improve your filmmaking methods.  

3. Stay when you can for the Q&As

It’s inspiring to hear about the other screenings and ask questions or contribute to answers to questions. The creative energy birthed when in these spaces is contagious. 

5. Post on social platforms

It’s great promotion for you and a great way to support the festival after the event. Where relevant they will like, comment and/or share your messages. 

2. Attend at least one networking event with a project in mind that you are willing to talk about

Practise explaining succinctly what your project is about so that people can understand what you’re doing easily. You never know where your next collaboration might come from.

4. Speak to at least one stranger

Again, you just never know who you will speak with and how you may form reciprocal relationships. Speak with folks and just as importantly, listen. 

So, what else is Laurelle up to? Get the latest below.

Laurelle has just finished the post production of series 2 of Melanted Stories presented by singer, Sharlene Monique. In Melanated Stories, Sharlene explores British experiences across London and their honest and insightful testimonies from Black and brown people and discover how they are fighting against prejudice and living life to the fullest.
A Mother's Love
She’s in pre-production as a producer for a short film called A Mother’s Love, written and directed by Tianna Banton. New mother’s Floriana and Isabelle strive to prove themselves fit to handle the responsibility of a newborn child on their first day of parenting.
Laurelle Jones
Laurelle has just completed the production of a short film called ‘What Would Mother Say’ from a collective that she’s a part of. Called Takin L’s, it’s written by Bruin and Louis Chan and directed by Louis Chan. Forever embroiled in a never-ending age of one-up-WOMAN-ship, sisters Binky and Morticia throw down in their latest battle of wits, a slanderous game of ‘who’s got more dirt on who’! 

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