Hair & Make Up Artist Annie Little

Annie Little

Hair & Make Up Artist

“…for me as a black woman, (working on Small Axe) was literally like seeing my uncles, my aunts, my brothers, my family; it was quite touching and quite emotional on some days…”



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Insight to Industry Podcast Hair & Make-Up

by | May 30, 2021

Women Of The Lens begins a new chapter in the form of podcasts. Yeah, we know…we’re a bit late to the podcast party, but we’ve arrived none the less to make our podcast mark too!

Our Insight to Industry series comes about becasue we want to speak with professionals from all sections of the industry to provide insight into what goes on behind the lens. It’s a kind of demystification – not to trivialise what the industry does, but to highlight the value of all the people behind the lens. The crew, the team-members etc. who help to create all the sounds and images we’re addicted to.

Our podcasts are also a way for those wanting to begin a career in the industry, to get some ideas and some insights into what it actually takes to embark upon a film and/or media career.

We begin this podcast series with a chat with Hair and Make-up Artist, Annie Little.  Although new (ish) to the film and television industry, Annie has been a hair and make-up artist for over twenty-five years. Annie says;

“…My work, interests and approach to hair is based on curiosity on learning and enjoyment. Exploring hair as an art form has opened me up to its many possibilities, functions and meanings. I’m drawn to good stories and storytellers and shows featuring black artists…”

Annie’s recent roles include Sitting in Limbo with Patrick Robinson, Small Axe with Steve McQueen and Provision a new film with Letitia Wright from Black Panther and Josh O’Connor from The Crown.

Of her work on director Steve McQueen’s BBC-produced Small Axe, Annie says;

“There was no scrimping with the extras and supporting artists with what they were wearing. Their hair, their make-up, their clothing, their footwear, their jewellry…everyone was dressed to-the-nines, it was really great.”



Click the button to listen to the full interview between our founder

Jennifer G. Robinson and Anniel Little.

(BBC’s Noughts and Crosses)

(Small Axe; image credit- Des Willie/Amazon Studios)


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