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Antu Yacob, Producer, Actress

Love In Submission

We’re back with another incredible programme for 2020 (even if we say so ourselves!) 

As part of it we feel it’s important to get to know the crews involved in the productions programmed. 

We’re living in some unprecedented times and filmmakers have not been untouched by lockdown. We asked some questions about their navigation of the film industry as it became restricted as society managed Coronavirus. 


What’s been the most troubling aspect of lockdown for you?

“…The most troublesome part of lockdown for me has been the bouts of loneliness that sweep in from time to time. For the most part, I love my alone and quiet time, but when that is all there is, it lends itself to the pain of it. I really miss being around my family…”

Have you been successful in quashing your challenges?

“…I stay busy. I’ve written alot, watched alot of film and tv and gone through several phases of house decorating, which is something I was never into pre-pandemic. I think staying busy helps, but also when the loneliness hits, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to acknowledge it. The key, in my opinion, is not to let it overwhelm you for long periods of time. Find things to do, see or hear that bring you joy so you don’t live in the pain too long…”

What part do you think film festivals will play in the rebuilding of the film industry as we move out of lockdown and learn to live with Covid-19?

“…Film Festivals are (and have always been) doing their part in giving exposure and platform for up and coming, marginalized voices and unknown artists’ work. During this time, people are leaning on streaming sites for their entertainment more than ever. The streaming networks are searching for content and I would hope they seek out festivals to familiarize themselves with new voices to create the stories they seek…”


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