“…Thanks to technology there were many online festivals,  and this gives us hope to filmmakers that nothing can stop us to film!..”

Amreen Ghouse directs a heartwarming story about how one little girl lets stereotypes get the better of her. However, a trip to the hairdressers soon dispenses with the oversight in no time!

We spoke to Amreen about lockdown and how she’s navigated these very strange times. 

“…The lockdown has been an unexpected turn of events in all of our lives. The idea of uncertainty is scary and to overcome such a situation like this is such a challenge. I think the idea of being alone, and having restrictions during this time is surely a testing time for me. I am someone who loves to travel, meet new people, and just  explore. Having to set restrictions for that has been my biggest challenge. Not able to explore as much even within your city has been tough, but at the same time it also gave me a lot of perspective of how we are social animals. And no matter how much technology has advanced, we still need people to survive…

…I took this time out to read more, to write more, and film too! The best part of being a creative is that all you need is time to do things. During the lockdown I had so much time to focus on my writing and to learn a lot more. I had lost touch in reading books, so this gave me an opportunity to take this time out and do things that were either new or things that you have stopped doing just because of your fast-paced life. I also utilized this time to film a short film,  directing actors while being in their own household. That was fun, and again experimenting. Being creative is the ability to experiment and the lockdown gave me the opportunity to do just that…”

“…I feel this pandemic brought everyone together in a way. I was really impressed that film festivals around the world still did not stop working even at this time. Film festivals are a great platform to show your talent, network with other filmmakers and  to learn from one another. We all know that the film industry has been hit hard this year, but the good thing is we all are in a team and everyone is doing their bit! Film festivals will play a big role in helping the film industry. It’s kind of an energy boost for everyone in the industry to show that we are a team. I am sure the film industry is always open to seeking new content, different content and as the world is becoming smaller, every filmmaker has a chance to show their talent through these festivals…” 



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