The year 2020 has left its trace across all sectors of the entertainment industry, independent film included. 

This year has however brought opportunity and many of the behemoths that dominated film are finding that they’re facing competition and a re-drawing of lines from much smaller ‘Davids’.

Film festivals are proving to be an ever more vital part of the filmmaking process and as we’re in the middle of our 2020 programme, we asked some of our filmmakers what they thought about festivals and their importance. 

René Lorraine director, One Piece Of The Puzzle.

Natalie Cook director, Backwards God.

Peace Oseyenum actress, Pepper Soup.

“…I believe film festivals will be integral in rebuilding the film industry and I hope that Covid-19 has made people more appreciative of cinema and the joy of watching films on the big screen…” René Lorraine director, One Piece Of The Puzzle: watch the film.

“…It will bring people back together all for the love of cinema and community…” Natalie Cook director, Backwards God: watch the film.

“…Quite difficult to tell I’m hoping it will allow filmmakers to still engage in the work that has been made by adopting online options…” Peace Oseyenum actress, Pepper Soup: watch the film.

“…Film festivals have been an integral part of my career so for me, seeing film festivals continue to showcase artists gives the motivation to keep moving despite COVID-19. As long as there is a continual space to showcase work and come together, film festivals will continue to help and grow the film industry despite the current global pandemic, and its aftermath…” 

Danielle Watkins director, Parallel the documentary: watch the film.

“…After the pandemic, many festivals became online platforms. As a filmmaker, I like online festivals because we have a chance to have our films watched by many viewers across the world. However, I believe that in-person festivals give filmmakers a better chance to learn honest reaction from viewers. So I hope in-person film festivals will be resumed after we survive this difficult faze. Nanako Senda director, Peach Boy Hunting: watch the film.

What part do you think film festivals will play in the rebuilding of the film industry as we move out of lockdown and learn to live with Covid-19?

“…In my opinion a festival that has gained the trust of its audience and promotes the up and coming. Because with a shrinking budget, the freedom, the new and the experimental are the first to fall off the production list…” Sarah Vianney director, Queens Of Botswana: watch the film.

“…Of the film festivals that I’ve participated in who have migrated online, most are looking to retain the online experience post Covid in order to access a wider audience, which is great for all concerned!” Janet Marrett director, Clearing: watch the film.

“…Film Festivals play such an important role for new filmmakers and their work, they help elevate the filmmaker to a platform they never would have had otherwise. I feel one thing that the film industry should do that film festivals have done is to adjust and be more accessible. There are so many unknown and talented filmmaker with brilliant unseen stories who haven’t got access to the resources or networks to enable them to get a foot in the door. Now is a better time than any to seek out new filmmakers with unique voices and give them platforms to create new stories…” Adekemi Roluga director, Fragments: watch the film.

“…Online festivals have been a lifeline to me, both as an artist and a consumer of art.  It has been fantastic to be able to participate with festivals close to home and also around the world.  Festivals have helped me feel more hopeful and also committed to continuing to make films…” Laura Lewis-Barr director, The Linguist: watch the film.

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