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At Women of the Lens Film Festival CIC, we recognize the significance of cinema as a universal medium and its potential to shape societies, represent diverse voices, and influence cultural narratives. As stewards of cinematic expression, we are committed to ensuring that our platform becomes a beacon for diverse and inclusive representations.

1. Objectives

– Anti-Racism: Actively counteract racism in all forms and ensure that our platform amplifies marginalized voices.

– Decolonization: Prioritize and elevate narratives that challenge colonial legacies and perspectives, ensuring that histories, stories, and viewpoints of indigenous and colonized peoples are not only represented but celebrated.

– Diversity and Inclusion: Ensure a broad spectrum of identities, experiences, cultures, and perspectives are integrated at every level of our festival, from film selections to organizational leadership.

2. Film Selection

– Prioritize films that bring forth stories from underrepresented, marginalized communities and challenge mainstream narratives.

– Collaborate with a diverse, rotating panel of selectors from various backgrounds to guarantee multiple perspectives influence the selection process.

– Encourage submissions that confront historic and systemic racism, amplify indigenous voices, and share narratives from previously colonized regions.

3. Festival Organization and Staffing

– Prioritize hiring staff and volunteers that reflect diverse racial, ethnic, gender, age, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds.

– Engage in regular anti-racist, decolonization, and inclusion training for all staff, volunteers, and partners associated with the festival.

4. Festival Selection Process

– Ensure that the film selection process supports diversity in race, gender, nationality, and other forms of identity

5. Audience Engagement

– Offer scholarships, reduced ticket prices, or free entries to marginalized communities, ensuring that the festival remains accessible to all.

– Organize forums, panels, and discussions around themes of diversity and inclusion. Engage audience members in these critical conversations.

6. Outreach and Collaboration

– Partner with organizations, schools, and communities that are engaged in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

– Work with black, indigenous and local communities when showcasing their stories, ensuring they are represented appropriately and respectfully.

7. Feedback and Accountability

– Establish an open channel for feedback and concerns regarding the festival’s adherence to this policy.

– Conduct annual reviews of this policy to adapt, evolve, and ensure it remains relevant and effective.

8. Commitment to Continuous Learning

– Stay updated with UK and global conversations around racism, decolonization, diversity, and inclusion.

– Adjust the festival’s operations based on new insights, research, and feedback.


Women of the Lens Film Festival CIC is committed to making a lasting, positive change in the world of cinema. By adhering to this Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we hope to influence the variety of films showcased and also inspire other organizations and festivals to champion these values. The power of cinema lies in its ability to broaden perceptions, and we aim to be at the forefront of such constructive change.

Women Of The Lens

Dedicated to Black Women in the Film Industries

about Us

Women Of The Lens was created to reveal the complexity, diversity and multiplicities of black women and women of colour. We'll work with productions to change perceptions and practice.

It is run by Women of the Lens Film Festival CIC, a registered Company, number 13409100.

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