We decided to play a game and have a little fun with our directors based on that infamous BBC3 television programme called ‘Snog Marry Avoid’. Do you remember it? It’s a show where the viewer is presented with a poor suspect (er…victim?!) who is in need of a make-over. The general public would decide, using appearances, whether or not they’d ‘Snog, Marry or Avoid’ the person before, then after the make-over. We’re making this game a little more ‘intelligent’ and asking directors from our programme to rate actors of the industry. Enjoy.
Robert Bertrand is the director of Morning Glory and is featured in our Count On Me Theme (Saturday 25th November). The short film tells the story of two young women, Tanya and Candice, and how their strong friendship is put to the test when one of them has an opportunity to make a life-changing decision.
So, who is Robert going to ‘Snog, Marry and Avoid’?!
“…Okay, so Cush Jumbo, Caroline Chikezie and Angel Coulby. For the record all of these ladies are beautiful and I have based my answers on their roles portrayed, so no hate mail please! If any of them are reading feel free to say hi!…”


Actress Caroline Chikezie

Actress Caroline Chikezie
Actress Caroline Chikezie

Probably will go for Caroline Chikezie. Yes, I watched Footballers Wives in my school days and loved a girl into sports, so it was probably a win-win for me.

Actress Cush Jumbo

Actress Cush Jumbo
Actress Cush Jumbo

Cush Jumbo, because being a lawyer is pretty practical so she can cover my back and I love an intelligent woman to keep me on my toes.
As lovely as Angel Coulby is, being associated with anyone with magic powers like ‘Gwen’ was in (the BBC’s) Merlin, I will tend to avoid in case if we have an argument and she turns me into a rabbit or something. Sorry Angela, we can still be friends I hope!
Thank you Robert!

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