Giving voice to women in filmmaking is part of the ethos of Women Of The Lens and the power of their creativity is as immense as it always was – our submissions portal was awash with it.

Below we hear from five women in our December programme who reveal some of the reasons behind their creative choices and bring some insight into some of the personal stakes involved.

“…Even though these characters are placed in the 1980’s their struggles bare a stark resemblance to our current political climate. The intent behind this story is to provoke awareness and understanding of individuals and marginalised groups’ personal experiences and how it differs to those with privilege. It explores how easy it is to fall in love with a person but how systematic oppression and lack of knowledge can tear that loving foundation apart…” Colour Blind director Tracy Kiryango

“…It is a seriously important time for female voices to be heard in the media. With #MeToo, #TimesUp and the celebration of female independence through #Votes100, I am proud to play my part and join female filmmakers…”  No Shade director Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

“…It was very intentional choice to have a lack of catharsis in the ending. Real life doesn’t offer happy endings, and neatly tied up loose ends. We wanted this story to have some sort of grounding in real life…” The Sycamore Gap director Lucy Rose Wilson

“…When I first read the Mumatar script, I thought it was really sweet and different. I liked that Sandra was outside of the archetypal norms for a lead; you have this woman who is a mother, but isn’t twenty-five years old (which can be the cut-off point for a lot of actresses) and I wanted to explore an older woman having agency over her own life…” Mumatar director Destiny Ekaragha

“..Making this film was a way of facing my own personal struggles with mental health. I’ve suffered from severe bouts of anxiety since I was a child and have been depressed in the past. I think this is very much at odds with the way that I find myself both in my professional and personal life…” Home director Meena Ayittey

Women Of The Lens begins 15th and 16th December 2018. View the full December programme here. Buy tickets here.

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