It’s a pleasure (and in some respects a duty) to connect with much younger audiences and one way in which we try to do so is through animation – but you don’t have to be a youngster to enjoy what’s on offer in our programme! Animation is a genre where women filmmakers are woefully underrepresented and we’re eager to showcase the goodies we find. This year’s entry includes an array of differing types of mixed-media and animation and they touch on varied stories and this Theme is also screened alongside Little Girl.


Peace Carpet, directed by Ziba Arzhang, centres its story on wildlife. The story is woven into a carpet.



Devi is directed by Anirban Paul. In his animation, he wanted to highlight the abuse of women in society.



In Tiffanys, a competition ensues between a planet conquering alien and a high school girl. Come see who wins the prom queen crown!


Directors Kefei Li and Connie Qin He direct Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale. If you love watermelon, you might have second thoughts after watching this colourful tale.


Henry is a thoughtful animated interrogation of the director, Rhea Storr’s grandfather.







21, 3rd Floor Naz Building

21, 3rdFloor, Naz Building asks us to become voyeur as we take a peek into the lives of others through the windows of their homes. This short is directed by Zarin Salahi.






Gabrielle Tesfaye tells her story of the Middle Passage where Africans were thrown from slave ships in The Water Will Carry Us Home. Upon crashing in the waves, the unimaginable happens when mermaids dwelling in the waters save the spirits.




What is our DNA? What part does it play in our birth-life-death cycle? Eternity explores this by using the format of a poem. Eternity is directed by Yeaeun Jang.







Come and join us on Saturday 15th December from 11am where we’ll screen our Colour Her In Theme.

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